Why brick?

My name is Will. I live in Chicago, I'm a director, and I teach theatre to kids. I consider myself someone who is professionally excited. And through that excitement, I discovered and fell in love with brick.

Why? Brick is everywhere - especially in Chicago.

It's everywhere, but it's never the same. It's so full of detail, pattern, color, and nuance. It's laid very intentionally, it wears down in varied and beautiful ways. There are so many different kinds of brick, so many colors of brick, and so many ways of building with brick. 

I decided to document the brick as a way to pay more attention to the world around me and encourage others to do the same. And it's been like learning a whole new language and suddenly discovering great texts hidden in the buildings around me.

Everything built (physical things like buildings or non-physical things like systems or societies) is designed and has impact, good or bad. It’s easy to walk by something like a brick building and pay it no mind. But the world is so much more interesting when you ask the question “what is that and why is it the way it is?”

Above all, I believe that nothing is boring. Everything can be interesting and exciting. Even bricks.

I lead tours about bricks and architecture! You can learn more here. I’ve had several media appearances, which you can check out here

This project was also inspired by Alexandra Horowitz's incredible book On Looking. I can’t recommend it highly enough.