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West Loop/Fulton Market

Sat, August 10 at 2pm. Tickets $12

The West Loop and the Fulton Market Historic District offer an amazing showcase into both Chicago’s industrial brick history and some of the coolest things being done with brick today.

The area was built up around meatpacking and warehouses in the wake of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire and is an amazing showcase of Chicago’s fireproof building past. As the area has turned from meatpacking to corporate headquarters and restaurants, new buildings have been built with innovative uses of brick that both stand out and blend in to the historic district. From precast German brick, to 50cm long format Italian bricks, West Loop and Fulton Market has the best of modern brickmaking and brickwork.

After this tour, you’ll see Chicago and the humble brick with new eyes!

Saturday, August 10 at 2pm. Tickets $12.

Tour departs at 2pm from the 839 W Fulton Market (between Green and Peoria Sts).

Later in August… Pulaski Park and Noble Square!

Pulaski Park and Noble Square showcase the some of Chicago’s best Victorian era brickwork. Learn about Victorian brickwork, Chicago’s early brick history, and how the city rebuilt itself after the devastating fire of 1871.

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Private / Group Tours

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